Smoking cessation counselling

Counselling patients on smoking cessation should complement a zefir vape™ script

  • zefir vape™ can assist with smoking cessation
  • Counselling patients on smoking cessation strategies is an important aspect in the process
  • Clinical tools and guidelines, online training and patient support materials are available via the Quit Centre website

Counselling guide

  • Rationale
    • Vaping is not risk free but is a safer alternative to smoking
    • Vaping delivers nicotine and replicates the smoking habit and sensations without most of the toxins from burning tobacco
    • Vaping can be used as a short-term quitting aid or continued long term if it is preventing relapse to smoking
  • Correct use
    • Use when there is an urge to smoke or to relieve withdrawal symptoms
    • Take long, slow puffs, approximately 3-4 seconds each
    • Take 10-12 puffs as though smoking a cigarette or a have a puff or two when needed
  • Advice
    • Coughing is common at first but usually settles over the first week
    • The most common side effects are throat or mouth irritation, cough, headache and nausea. These reactions are usually mild and tend to settle over time
    • Vape courteously around others and only where vaping is permitted
    • Increase the nicotine concentration and/or puff frequency if you are experiencing urges to smoke
  • Duration of use
    • Stop smoking as soon as possible
    • Try to stop vaping within 3-6 months
  • Nicotine safety
    • Product cannot be swallowed
    • Avoid contact with eyes
    • Avoid contact with skin
  • Device safety
    • Always ensure zefir vape™ is stored below 25 ̊C
    • Do not place or store zefir vape™ in hot, humid or wet environments or near combustable or explosive materials
    • Do not expose the device to heat, cold, dampness or direct sunlight
    • Store zefir vape™ securely and separate from food and drink and other medical products

Smoking cessation MBS codes

  • Numerous MBS telehealth and in room consultation codes available to cover nicotine and smoking cessation counselling care and advice