Warranty Registration

Warranty Registration

Zefir products come with a 6-month limited warranty against manufacturing defects or issues. A free replacement of your product will be issued if a manufacturing defect becomes apparent during the 6-month period starting from your receipt date of purchase.

We collect personal information in a number of ways. The most common circumstances in which we collect personal information are when you:

This warranty applies to products which are purchased in Australia from us or our authorised resellers, were manufactured by us or on our behalf, and bear our trade mark “Zefir Vape”.

This warranty does not apply to products purchased for the purposes of re-supply.

This warranty does not apply to damage or issues with the product caused by:

* normal wear and tear (including but not limited to scratches or dents);

* accident (including dropping the product);

* misuse (including unreasonable use, failure to follow the user instructions and use that falls outside the scope of the user instructions);

* abuse;

* neglect or negligent use;

* improper storage;

* improper or inadequate maintenance, service or cleaning of the product;

* repair, maintenance, alterations, service, upgrades, expansion, disassembly or opening of the product by anyone not authorised by us;

* use of defective, incompatible, unauthorised or non-standard parts, products or accessories; or

* external causes, such as, but not limited to, fire, extreme temperature, water, flood, moisture, dampness, liquid touching or entering the product, other foreign material entering the product, dirt, dust, rust, corrosive conditions (including salt and sand), theft, vandalism, collision, infestation by pests or insects, electrical surges or dips, hail, thunderstorms, earthquakes, tornadoes, acid rain, acts of God, terrorism, war, environmental conditions or any other act or circumstance beyond our control.

This warranty does not cover consumable parts which have stopped working due to normal wear and tear.

This warranty does not apply to any cosmetic change in the product’s appearance, unless this occurs due to a defect in materials or workmanship.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, we exclude all warranties, conditions and liabilities which are not guaranteed under the Australian Consumer Law or which are not expressly stated in this warranty. Among other things, this exclusion applies to liability for any loss, whether direct or indirect, relating to your purchase of the product, use of the product or inability to use the product.

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